Project Visible data_financing culture brings up together topics on visual communication, design, technology, new media and culture politics. By using efficient tools of information design and visualization language it makes budget for culture structures more visible.
Visible Data 1/ 2010
Visible Data 2/2012
Visible Data 3/2012

Place: Youth Center CK13, Novi Sad, Serbia / Speakers: Aleksandar Bede (RS), Cvjetan Daniela (RS), Ivana Inđin (RS), Zoran Pantelić (RS) / Moderator: Kristian Lukić (RS) / Date: December 7, 2011 / Organization: Institute for flexible cultures and technologies – Napon
The discussion was about an unwritten rule that the majority of commissions for funds from the budget for culture and the nonprofit sector is to not publish the names of the committee who determined the allocation of funds. According to laws, the Commission should be public, but does not specify clearly the mechanisms of how the public gets familiar with the Commission. The main question was: how to connect the public and non-profit sectors with independent scene in order to be more democratic and more transparent, and how to improve the work of committees.