Project Visible data_financing culture brings up together topics on visual communication, design, technology, new media and culture politics. By using efficient tools of information design and visualization language it makes budget for culture structures more visible.
Visible Data 1/ 2010
Visible Data 2/2012
Visible Data 3/2012

Place: Macut Gallery (SPENS), Novi Sad, Serbia / Date: December 7, 2011 – January 15, 2012 / Organization and curator: Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies – Napon / Exhibiting authors: Marina Armuš (RS), Marko Brkić (RS), Miloš Ćosović (RS), Miroslav Dajč (RS), Predrag Nikolić (RS), Dimitrije Pajtić (RS), Hristina Papadopulos (RS), Ivana Radmanovac (RS)
The Financialization and Cultural Policies Exhibition was a part of the long term project Visible Data that explores possible models of structuring the data in the field of culture financing and non-profit sector. The exhibition presented works of designers and artists who presented their views on the issues of budget policies and influence on culture policies.