Project Visible data_financing culture brings up together topics on visual communication, design, technology, new media and culture politics. By using efficient tools of information design and visualization language it makes budget for culture structures more visible.
Visible Data 1/ 2010
Visible Data 2/2012
Visible Data 3/2012

Mapping Amsterdam’s cultural life with slime-mold / Place: Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam, Netherlands / Guests: Sonja Bäumel and Maurizio Montalti / Date: June 13, 2012 / Organization: Mediamatic Foundation
Workshop was hosted by artists Sonja Bäumel and Maurizio Montalti at Mediamatic, participants engaged with slime-mold and made use of its cognitive skills in order to discover new patterns in the city, and create an organic map of Amsterdam’s cultural life. Warkshop was re-exploring and re-connecting Amsterdam’s cultural hubs.